5 most important updates about Instagram

5 most important updates about Instagram

5 most important updates about Instagram 150 150 Mike

I’m going to give you guys a recap of what happened on Instagram in 2020. I’ve selected the 5 most important updates about Instagram and I want to share it with all of you. this is not the full list of updates.

Instagram Dark Mode

IG Dark mode

The first update I want to give you guys is about the Instagram Dark Mode. The Instagram Dark Mode is something that people have been keen on asking for. They always wanted to have something to do with darkness for Instagram Dark Mode. you can activate it with your iOS device or Android device.

Create Interface


Create an Interface is a specialized place in your story camera so what do you have for here (look at the list) that you have templates you have  GIFs, you have stickers, you have even a throwback like Facebook ‘On This Day’ for your previous post or previous story that you shared before polls quizzes, emoji sliders. so it’s very good when you just swipe left or swipe right… I don’t really know the direction just when you swipe it there are different options to select it. one of my favorites is about the GIF, so for all the full details I also have a video dedicated to it. it really makes the whole story experience… much (more) better make a break we try to talk something else different.

Restrict & Unrestrict


the third update that I think I didn’t talk about in my previous post. it’s about Restrict Unrestrict and also removing your follower so these two options can only be used to be achieved directly by the block action on Instagram because block used to be the biggest and the most important feature. if you want to completely cut out everyone else on your Instagram.

I think it’s very helpful because when you’re trying to restrict. it restricts such hard words to pronounce sorry about that restrict certain unwanted interactions between certain people. They can’t see that you are active on Instagram. they can’t see your comments that you posted out of different posts besides your own and their posts. you can always restrict and unrestrict specific profile at any time it is more like a lite block before you completely block that person. for removing the followers I think it’s good because you can only use to do it by blocking the person first and unblock them later but now Instagram just allows you to do it so much more conveniently by just remove them. when you go on to their profile so you don’t have to block people and unblock them because you might be blocked by doing overly loads of blocking.


important updates about Instagram

This one is about IGTV. I think IGTV is still pretty underrated. I started, to use more IGTV two of the updates. I think there are pretty interesting one of those is called Previews so when you upload your IGTV to your Instagram you can select to have a preview on your Instagram main feed. so, it would be just like a normal post when you post it on your feed and it will be only one minute. After the one minute cut out. they will ask people to go to your IGTV to continue watching the whole full video so it’s a very good way to get more engagement, more views, etc. you can delete a preview and add in time but you can’t reshare it once you delete the preview so take into consideration when you want to delete it because I did it a few times that I kind of regret that.

IGTV Series

the fourth update… is Series, so it’s very important when you are a video maker. you want to have created a series. it’s just like my series of Movies. I think it’s important for the video maker because you try to make a different episode, you try to have a continuous flow if you are a vlogger of traveling. you have a whole series of a different travel video. for example ten episodes of traveling to different cities that would be good for people to be a tour in because when they actually watch that specific IGTV one of the videos of that series well… actually IGTV will have a label of that series.so they can tap on the series and go on for more videos about that series. they actually help you to boost the views.




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