Why People Prefers Instagram As To Compare Facebook In 2019?

Facebook got lot of attention when they launched. People from all over the world was addictive for this Facebook. When Instagram launched it totally ruins Facebook. People starts to move toward Instagram. It covers person of all ages. the major users of Instagram are teenagers. Now a days almost all age grouped persons are interested  in Instagram. A large number of persons started to moving towards instagram due to it some majors & unique features. we will discuss these features and talk about this why people prefers Instagram as compare to Facebook in 2019.

However if you are looking for best platform for your business then both social site are best for business marketing. Now we move toward our discussion. Here are some major features due to that people used Instagram.

Mobile User Friendly :

As Instagram is a photo-sharing  app used on mobile while Facebook is web based app. Facebook launched its mobile app but failed to beat Instagram. Although Instagram is specifically designed for mobile that why it has unique identity & more Mobile friendly.

High Engagement Rate :

Instagram beats all other app on internet due to it high retention rate. Due to this feature almost all business prefers Instagram for their business marketing.

Easy To use :

If you look Facebook it is much difficult to use due to its a large number of feature.Facebook make its web based app ugly by adding a lot of features. While Instagram is much easier by it simple UI and small number of features.

Business Opportunity :

By marketing point of view instagram is best app for your business Marketing. As instagram is easy to use and best engagement rate people prefer this platform.

It is very difficult to get a brand visibility on facebook that’s why a large number of business moving toward Instagram.

Built-in Messenger :

Instagram has it own instagram feature while on facebook you have to install another app if you want to send message. By this you can easily send and received messages on instagram.

Add Story Feature :

Instagram has one great feature that Facebook copied from instagram is add story. You can share your Pics and small video on your story so your friends can watch this. By this you have no need to send your pics with your all friends individually.

E-commerce Integration :

Facebook is well know social media for business marketing. A large number of people used this platform for advertise their products.

However, Instagram has started a E-commerce and advertising feature. Where you can  promote your brand. Its unique ads feature attracts more traffic and advertisers are getting more benefits for their business.


The above mentioned features are few reason due to which people used instagram as compare to facebook.

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